2023 Mercedes EQT Is An Electric Minivan With 175-Mile Range

2023 Mercedes EQT Is An Electric Minivan With 175-Mile Range

When he revealed the concept of EQT in 2021, Mercedes excited us and showed us a small carrier company that could be one of the best vehicles ever built. However, for the recently revealed production version, the manufacturer eliminated the unique front of the concept in general, which is significantly distinct from the T -class with internal combustion based on which it is based. Slow.

It will be easier to separate EQT and T-Class by seeing the badge or whether the vehicle has an exhaust tube. This isn’t very pleasant in the design sector because our expectations have gone up with the study, but because the T -class design quickly betrays the fact that it is based on Van Renault Kang.

The latest Kangoo is also the basis of Combo Nissan Townstar and Opel/Vauxhall, both of which are available as EVs with exactly similar specifications. All of these related vehicles are manufactured by Renault at the Mawberg factory in France.

EQT borrows its power plant and battery from Kangoo E-Tech, so it has a 45 kWh battery that feeds a 122-hp engine (90 kW) with a 245 nm torque (180 lb-feet). These numbers could be faster EQT – we estimate it needs about 13 seconds to reach 100 km / h (62 mph).

Mercedes says EQT is suitable for the WLTP range of 175 miles (280 km) and can charge in 38 minutes with a maximum of 80 kW from 20 to 80 %. The AC charger inside it with 11 kW tops the table, but it can be upgraded to 22 kW, which, according to the manufacturer, can add 170 kilometers (105 miles) in 30 minutes.

Initially, only the EQT short wheel is offered, but an extended wheel model is added to the range later. Also, what calls the “Micro Camper” version, called EQT Marco Polo, will have a preview of the concept of close production in the gallery above.

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