A European regulator fines Meta $413 million over personalised advertising laws

A European regulator fines Meta $413 million over personalised advertising laws

Meta said that it will appeal both the lawsuit and the $413 Million fine imposed as a result of the lawsuit

Meta has been fined $413 million for using personal data for Facebook and Instagram target advertising by the European Union Lead Privacy Regulator. The EU also ordered Meta to reassess its legal basis and change the way it uses personalized data in target ads along with the $413 million penalty.

Meta said it will appeal both the lawsuit and its $413 Million fine soon in response to the lawsuit.

As a result of the new order on personalized advertising enacted back in December 2022, the lawsuit and fines have been imposed.

In response to a 2018 change in Facebook’s and Instagram’s terms of service, EU said Meta relies on privacy consent for most of its basic operations.

As a result of the regulators’ decision, Facebook and Instagram may now have to let users choose whether to accept or reject the privacy policy, and may have to allow users to use the platform despite not accepting it.

If Meta loses a massive court case and receives a $400 Million penalty, it will probably have to rethink its policies regarding personalized advertisements and change one of its most important social media platforms.

In addition to making a large portion of its revenue from advertisers on its social platforms, Meta also invests heavily in artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Meta said in response to the lawsuit that EU privacy laws allow for a variety of legal bases, so data processing can be negotiated in different ways. As Meta stated in its statement, users and businesses will still be able to receive personalized advertising across the EU through its platforms.

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