A fan recreated Mirza Ghalib's youth picture using artificial intelligence

A fan recreated Mirza Ghalib’s youth picture using artificial intelligence

In order to fulfill his curiosity, one fan used artificial intelligence to recreate the picture of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib when he was young.

The model looks like a modern-day one, but it’s actually a fan’s rendition of Urdu poetry. Due to the declining quality of Urdu written in national newspapers and shared on other popular mediums of communication, there have always been talk of rejuvenating the Urdu language in Pakistan during the contemporary era.

A Facebook user named Raheel shared this image to demonstrate how Urdu can flourish if paid genuine attention. He runs a website dedicated to promoting Urdu. If you check out the website and Youtube channel, you’ll see that there are people who are head-up about glorifying Urdu through critically acclaimed poetry, as well as modern methods. Mr. Raheel says artificial intelligence is one example.

In spite of the fact that people from India and Pakistan have dark skin, I can say that Mirza Ghalib would look like this if he were alive today, even though I cannot be sure it is exactly Mirza Ghalib. However, this image is at least fifty percent accurate.”

In addition to revolutionizing the world of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also revolutionized the arts. Modern times have seen an increase in the use of computer algorithms to recreate historical figures such as ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Although the future of AI is uncertain, it seems to be headed in a positive direction. We can expect a lot more from it including more accurate recreations of historical figures’ pictures.

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