A pre-Labor Day sale not to miss: Amazon’s stellar streaming devices are up to $250 off

We’re no astrologers, but we see a deep synergy looming on the horizon: the end of summer (it’s time to turn your attention to indoor recreation) and cable subscription prices like never before. previously. Maybe Amazon sees it too, because with a wide offer on its Fire TV streaming devices, doing something about both phenomena is very tempting right now. It’s time to grab some gear, cut the cord, and sit down.

Over 150,000 buyers love this fully charged Fire Stick. Another stunning number: it’s just 40% cheaper.

“We finally got fed up with the cable company’s greed and lack of appreciation and respect for their loyal, long-time customers,” said a cable-cutting convert, “so we bought the Firestick… It would have worked great.” Yes! We can easily access all the popular apps used to stream our TV programs. This bundle contains all the important acronyms – 4K Ultra HD, HDR10 and HLG – while allowing you to stream over a million movies and TV episodes at the same time. Four HDMI ports let you fully customize your home theater setup.

Take it from this pioneer: “I’m the first person I know to have a Fire TV, so it was a gamble, but it definitely paid off…impressed.” I don’t need a lot of frills, so I like when the things I need from a TV are simple and streamlined. Switching between the TV and the three game consoles is very simple. It’s easy to add an HTML separator and use more tools on an entry if needed. Yes, Amazon’s most muscular streaming device actually looks like the evil box from the Hellraiser horror movies. But trust us, the hexa-core processor and agility of voice commands make streaming a smooth, sweet greeting.

“Love my firecube,” said one of the more than 12,000 five-star fans. “The best device ever for TV streaming fans! It’s amazingly fast, has great image quality, and runs right around my Roku Ultra. The search function is great.” An entry into the world of streaming for fans of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Simple in the true sense of the word, and currently only $20, is the definition of “smart”.

“I have a pre-smart flat screen TV that I hung up in my basement playroom a few years ago so my son could use it to play on his various playbooks,” said said the father who knows best. “It came out a year ago and I decided it would be nice if guests could access it. The Fire TV Stick is the best way to get the service I want without paying too much. With $250 off (for a limited time only), here’s your chance to think big and come home…with the living room decor you’ve always dreamed of.

“The picture is fantastic,” reports this enthusiastic reviewer. “If you’ve never had a 4K TV, you’ll never want to go back. The clarity and color is a big difference from the old LCD TV. Even my elderly parents notice the difference and it doesn’t show. ever produced.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those who aren’t Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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