Ad revenue will now be paid to YouTube Shorts creators

Ad revenue will now be paid to YouTube Shorts creators

YouTube will pay the creator around 45% of the total amount paid by the advertiser for every advertisement that plays before a YouTube Shorts

Since its release in 2020, YouTube Shorts have proven to be extremely popular on the platform. YouTube Shorts receive about 30 billion views per day, but until recently, creators of short videos weren’t paid for their content, as opposed to long-format video creators.

YouTube just announced a partnership program for creators of YouTube Shorts, which will allow them to earn money. YouTube has set up a number of terms and conditions that creators must follow and agree with in order to sign up for the creator program.

YouTube will divide the ad revenue it gets from each advertisement that plays before a YouTube Short between Shorts creators and YouTube on a 45% to 55% basis, respectively.

In addition to the update, YouTube has also introduced ‘Monetization Modules,’ which are a dashboard that allows creators to adjust their earnings more easily. To unlock the full earning potential, YouTube suggests creators accept all modules.

YouTube shorts creators will also need to meet a certain benchmark before they are able to monetize their videos just like long-format video creators. Before a creator can register for monetization, YouTube requires they have 1,000 subscribers and more than 10 million views on shorts in the past 90 days.

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