Apple and Amazon to resume advertisements on Twitter after a brief stagnation

Apple and Amazon to resume advertisements on Twitter after a brief stagnation

According to a report by the Bloomberg News Agency, Elon Masak announced that Apple resumed the advertisement on Twitter. Apart from this, there have been reports that is also planning to start Twitter for about $ 100 million per year. However, Amazon, Apple, and Twitter did not say anything public.

According to an email reviewed by Reuters, Twitter introduced the proposal as “inspiration for the biggest advertiser on Twitter.” According to the email, American advertisers who reserve $ 500,000 in rising costs are eligible for a price of up to $ 1 million with “100 % additional value”.

On Saturday, a news platform reporter tweeted that Amazon plans to resume advertisement on Twitter, which is approximately $ 100 million per year, and is waiting for some security tricks for the company’s advertising platform. Earlier this month, the mask met with the CEO of Apple Ink, Tim Cook, at the iPhone’s iPhone headquarters and showed one in custody in beer wars between technology companies.

Separate, during the Twitter space conversation, the mask announced that Apple was the largest advertiser on Twitter and resumed advertisements on the platform. As the owner of Twitter, in the first month, musk involved a decline in employees, including employees who worked under the restraint of materials and the incidence of the falsehood of large state corporations, which cheated the advertising industry.

Several General Mills Inc. (GIS.N) companies stopped the advertisement on Twitter for the US luxury Audi car manufacturer. The mask stated in November that the company had seen a “widespread” shortage.

The mask released a video on Twitter from a pond at Apple Park Headquarters, briefly seen by the shadow of the Twitter owner and Apple’s CEO. A few hours after the session, the mask said the two had “good conversations” and “a misunderstanding about Twitter, which could be potentially removed from the app store.” The show noted that Apple’s CEO “is clear that Apple has never considered.”

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