Asian Cup: Wasim Akram says Indian fans and media are unnecessarily playing Virat Kohli

Asian Cup 2022: Former Pakistan captain Waseem Akram said on Tuesday that he has no doubt that Virat Kohli will return to his peak soon. Kohli is part of India’s squad for the continental tournament, which kicks off on August 27.

Virat Kohli lived through a clean problem
Kohli ready to return to Asian Cup
Akram said he has no doubt that Kohli will reach his peak earlier
Former Pakistan captain Waseem Akram said he had seen a lot of unwanted criticism of Virat Kohli from a section of Indian cricket fans and the media, adding that the former Indian captain’s class could not be questioned despite his failures in international cricket.

Wasim Akram, speaking to Star Sports at a press conference held ahead of the 2022 AFC Asian Cup, said he had no doubt that Virat Kohli would be able to come back strongly from his lean section.

Virat Kohli has been scrutinized for his clean patch in all game formats. After scoring just 341 runs in 16 matches in 22.73 in the 2022 IPL regular season, Kohli rested ahead of the home game against South Africa.

The star was expected to make a significant contribution to the England tour in July, but Kohli struggled to keep up and failed in both test sessions scheduled for the switch. He scored just 44 points in 4 matches in the T20I and ODI series before taking a break before touring the West Indies and Zimbabwe.

Despite a poor performance, Kohli was selected for India’s squad for the 2022 Asian Cup.

“Let me start from last year, everything I saw on social media, from Indian fans, against Virat Kohli… most of them, the fans or the press, or whoever they are, are going against him. He is only 33 years old. years, he is one of the greatest of all time.” Wasim Akram said.

He is extraordinary. He’s averaging 50+ across all formats, he’s still in good shape, he’s still one of the best outfield players on the Indian team and as they say, form is temporary, class is forever. Virat Kohli I’m sure he will come back and score. I hope he doesn’t come back against Pakistan, but he will come back.”

Kohli will be under considerable pressure as he is set to return to the big game against Pakistan on August 28 in Dubai.

Notably, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar also spoke out about the criticism of Virat Kohli and said that a player of his stature could afford several defeats.

“Let’s be patient, let’s not rush things. We, once in India, when a player reaches 32-33 years old, we are in a hurry, we always try to take him out of the team when he has other things to do. They have help. Let’s be patient,” Gavaskar told India Today.

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