China Is Ready To Have It’s First Hydrogen-Powered Train In The World

China unveils world’s fastest hydrogen train with a speed of 160 km/h

One of the nations with the quickest growth rates is China. A cooperative project between CRRC and Chengdu Railway Group results in the world’s first hydrogen urban train, which is introduced in China.

The vehicle is fully equipped with cutting-edge technical features that make use of key Fuxing high-speed train technologies. With a top speed of 160 km/h, it primarily comprises of four trains. Additionally, the vehicle contains an inbuilt “hydrogen power system” that serves as a powerful and long-lasting energy source. On a single charge, you can travel 600 kilometres.

The train is to facilitate citizens by providing high technology. This train uses a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and supercapacitors as an energy source.

However, the train is based on modern technology and energy is released through the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell.

Additionally, the train has a maximum passenger capacity of 1,502 and is fully upgraded with smart driving features. In addition, it includes automatic wake-up, start and stop, and return to stock. It also includes a variety of intelligent monitoring systems and sensors – large-capacity 5G train-to-ground communications for multi-network integration and extensive data analysis. The aim is to evaluate the condition of trains to improve safety.

The hydrogen-powered urban train shows a new path for green and low-carbon urban transportation. Not only this, but it also helps the growth and innovation of industrial chains related to hydrogen energy.

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