Elon Musk hints at Twitter bankruptcy as more and more executives leave

Elon Musk hints at Twitter bankruptcy as more and more executives leave

Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer just announced that she will be leaving the company and is now moving onto a new technology firm.

Elon Musk is said to be warning about the bankruptcy of Twitter. Many top-level executives have reportedly left their jobs with the social media network, which may lead shareholders to lose faith.

On November 10th, Elon Musk shone a light on the possibility that Twitter may collapse. This is due to the recent mass exodus of its trusted senior staff.

Twitter’s CEO, Mr. Musk, has said a bankruptcy isn’t out of the question.

The credit experts said that the deal has left Twitter’s finances in a precarious position because it was bought two weeks ago for $44 billion.

CEO Elon Musk told employees in a company-wide email that Twitter won’t survive the next economic downturn if it fails to increase revenue from subscriptions.

So people are starting to resign from Twitter: Yoel Roth, who has done important work in the past to combat hate speech, misinformation, and spam is one of them. There’s no word on why he left; he just resigned on Thursday and refused to comment.

This is a tweet from Roth that announced he is the former head of trust and safety at Pornhub.

Lea Kissner, another notable employee and the former Chief Information Security Officer at Twitter, wrote in her tweet “I’ve decided to leave Twitter. I had the opportunity to work with amazing people and am so proud of the work done by our privacy, security and IT teams.”

She also told me, “I’m looking forward to figuring out what’s next, starting with my reviews for USENIX security.”

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