Elon Musk is Looking to Start His Own Social Media Platform

The never-ending war between Twitter and Elon Musk is still on and no one knows how it will end. However, it looks like Elon Musk will be able to shut it down as he has involved the SEC in the matter claiming that Twitter misinformed him and the acquisition should be dismissed. Twitter, on the other hand, is also doing its best to honor Musk with the acquisition and to prove that Musk is playing a ploy to avoid the payment that was mutually settled by both the parties.

But even if the results are uncertain, what if Musk can survive the takeover is being talked about across town. People started a thread on the topic in response to a tweet from Musk on Tuesday last week. People started questioning each other and guessing what would happen if the acquisition was postponed.

It was already clear that Elon Musk would do something big in that matter as he sold Tesla shares several times over the past few months, only to pay Twitter if the acquisition was to be retained. But if not, where will all that money go, Musk is definitely not the type of person who would spend money on parties!

To everyone out of their curiosity, Musk jumped into the thread and asked someone with ‘X.com’ if Musk was planning on building his own social media platform.

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