malicious apps

Facebook says over 400 malicious apps stealing login credentials

malicious apps

The company also said that it was difficult to pinpoint the affected users without access to the app developers’ logs.

It is important that you change your password on Facebook and any other accounts you use with this password. To make it easier, we have made a guide on how to create strong passwords.

The reason why so many apps are able to steal your data is because each developer can ask for permission to do certain things with your account and we don’t know what they want those permissions for.

This is becoming very concerning because as more apps are being developed, there’s a lot of risk in giving up this personal information for someone who could potentially steal it or sell it for other purposes.

In a blog post, Facebook said that it has removed 400 apps and pages from the site for violating its policies.

The apps and pages were created by eight companies and were designed to steal login credentials from people accessing third-party sites. They violated Facebook’s policies by using these stolen login credentials to initiate unauthorized actions on behalf of Facebook users.

Facebook is creating a new section in the Security section of its Help Center, which will tell people about these risks. It will also tell them how to spot suspicious app requests for access to their accounts, such as those asking for their name, phone number or email address.

Security researcher Khalid Rashid, who found the malicious apps, said the apps were able to take over users’ Facebook accounts, download their personal data and post on their behalf.

Khalid Rashid is a security researcher who has identified 400 malicious apps on Facebook stealing login credentials. These applications are able to post on behalf of users or even steal their personal data.

The potential damage that these malicious applications entails is high – they are capable of posting content in a user’s name and stealing information like photos or bogus messages

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