Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco customers spend a fortune on equipment

Executives say the Bronco is now Ford’s best-selling product, with customers spending an average of $1,700 for about 240 parts available. Customers will spend about $800 on standard accessories for the Bronco Sport crossover, or about the same as the F-150 pickup.

Ford says the most popular equipment has been the modular entry bumpers, winches and off-road lights.

“It’s at the core of the Bronco’s success,” Mark Gruber, Ford’s U.S. customer advertising supervisor, said in an interview. For sellers, this is a wonderful alternative not only from the point of view of income, but in addition to long-term interaction with customers. “It’s an amazing testament to what Ford can do and how this huge opportunity is going to play out.” Ford’s success in grossing Bronco parts was due to another product’s problems.

The automaker tried to shore up its sales credentials when it launched the Ranger midsize pickup in the U.S. in 2018, however dealers at the time complained of slow distribution periods and a lack of inventory. The officers tried to solve the problems.

“We’ve completely transformed our distribution community,” said Eric Sinn, Ford’s global director of personalization, equipment and licensing. “We fired half of the businesses that were distributing our merchandise and rehired new companies to show our sellers the best way to get into the company and put additional content in stock.”

Years after the SUV’s launch, the company began deep discussions about its Bronco equipment program, creating a full-cycle program for add-ons, the same as it would for a car.

“There wasn’t a week for many years that we didn’t talk about equipment,” Sinn said.
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