Google Makes Sweeping Changes to Android System in India Following Antitrust Ruling

Google Chrome now has a desktop power saving mode

Google Chrome’s power saving mode significantly reduces power consumption and improves battery life

Are you tired of your computer running out of battery quickly? Are you constantly searching for ways to improve your computer’s performance? If you’re a Google Chrome user, you’re in luck! Google Chrome has recently launched two new modes, Memory Saver and Energy Saver, that can significantly reduce power consumption and improve battery life for desktop users.

Announced last year, these modes are now available on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks, and are already turned on by default. The Memory Saver mode works towards reducing the amount of memory being taken up by the Chrome browser by freeing up memory from inactive tabs. This feature ensures that only the active tab uses a significant amount of memory, thus allowing the user to save power and improve their computer’s performance.

On the other hand, Energy Saver mode makes Chrome browser battery efficient by reducing the amount of power used by background operations. This mode is a bit more complicated than the Memory Saver mode as it focuses on reducing the frame rate and other background tasks. Power Saver mode is automatically turned on whenever you receive a low battery notification and turns off when you connect a charger.

When used together, these features can significantly boost the performance of your desktop, both in terms of speed and battery timing. These amazing features work on a similar mechanism, which includes a special focus on the active tab while limiting other inactive tabs to free up both memory and power. Whenever a tab is not in use, the Memory Saver mode will give it an ‘inactive’ status, and the tab will then receive lower amounts of memory. Once the user returns to the inactive tab, Chrome will display a ‘Tab Active Again’ message, while all other alternative tabs will be marked ‘inactive’.


the newly launched Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes in Google Chrome can significantly improve the performance of your computer. If you’re someone who frequently uses Google Chrome for work or personal use, you should definitely take advantage of these features. Not only will they help you save power and improve battery life, but they can also boost the speed and performance of your desktop. When not required, these features can be easily turned off in the Chrome settings. So, give it a try and experience a faster and more efficient browsing experience with Google Chrome’s Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes.

Google Makes Sweeping Changes to Android System in India Following Antitrust Ruling

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