Google must remove 'manifestly inaccurate' data, says EU top court

Google could face another hit soon from the CCI in the case of Smart TV

Launchpad Digital Marketing Inc. has completed the investigation with CCI and presents new findings.

In June of last year, the commission directed an investigation against Google in the smart TV case.

Last month, the CCI fined Google INR 1.337 Billion and INR 936 Million for abusing their domain with Android operating system and Play Store.

Google may soon receive a penalty for the second time this month because it allegedly held an unfair lead in the smart TV market.

According to an ET report, the Office of the Director General of the Competition Commission of India has completed an investigation and submitted its report.

Officials with the European Commission filed an antitrust case against Google after they found evidence of unfair practices in the smart TV market. The information was shared by two Delhi-based individuals.

Company founders that have entered into licensing agreements with Google will be able to include Google Play Store services on products they manufacture. However, if no such contract is in place, the search engine company’s software won’t come pre-installed.

According to a new report, Google has been withholding market access to any manufacturer that doesn’t agree to their demands. Anyone who would like an in-depth look at the organization can buy this report.

In addition, the report will soon get an opportunity to be heard in the adjudication process where Google will be allowed to respond to these allegations.

This probe has looked into Android compatibility commitments and how they affect the industry. These commitments prohibit equipment manufacturers from producing, distributing, or selling any smart television that isn’t an Android-based model.

India’s emerging smart TV sector is thriving due in part to Google’s free licensing model, and Android TV competes with FireOS, Tizen, and WebOS. “We are confident that our licensing practices are in compliance with all applicable competition laws,” a Google spokesperson told ET.

Last month, the CCI fined Google INR 1,337.6 Cr and INR 936 Cr for abusing dominance with its Android operating system and the Play Store.

Moreover, the CCI ordered another probe last month into the tech giant over alleged abuse of dominance in the news aggregator space. in response to a complaint filed by the News Broadcasters and Digital Association (NBDA) against Alphabet, Google LLC, Google India, Google Ireland and Google Asia Pacific.

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