Government of Pakistan is Launching National Roaming in Balochistan

Government of Pakistan is Launching National Roaming in Balochistan

According to PTA officials, national roaming will be available in Balochistan by June 2023 as the equipment has already arrived and only minor work remains.
The government of Pakistan will soon introduce national roaming in Balochistan, an initiative that will continue to solve many connectivity issues and open doors for investment in the province. National roaming will be available in all regions except some regions where mobile operators are not commercially interested.

The news about National Roaming was first reported by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Licensing Director General Aamir Shahzad. Shahzad revealed this news in the briefing session of the Senate Standing Committee.

While discussing the plan, PTA officials said that currently Balochistan is being considered as a priority and the province will get national roaming by June 2023. It turned out that the necessary equipment for national roaming has already been delivered and now only a few of them remain. Small works will be completed soon.

The chairman of the committee said that Internet services are not available in most of the districts of Balochistan and that is why the students of this province are facing many problems. He added that services have been closed in many places for security reasons.

Senator Afnanullah Khan said in this meeting that special attention should be paid to Gwadar and its surrounding areas because this area has been able to attract a lot of foreign investment.

In this meeting, the telecommunications officials discussed and exchanged opinions about several new projects underway to provide high-speed network in Balochistan. Ufone, a telecom company, now offers 4G services in 95% of its towers in Gwadar.

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