How to turn off crossplay on xbox

How to turn off crossplay on xbox?

crossplay on xbox can be one of the best parts of the game. This allows you to join your friends regardless of their platform. However, sometimes you don’t want this feature. So, we will teach you how to turn off crossplay on Xbox.

For example, you might like to play the zombie game State of Decay 2 with your friends on PC. But maybe you don’t want to play Halo from Xbox with PC players on Steam, because you think keyboard and mouse are more beneficial.

Microsoft has the answer. You can turn crossplay on xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

How to turn off crossplay on xbox?

You can turn crossplay on and off from the Privacy menu. After that, you can access the privacy menu from the web page or the console itself.

If you do this from the web, the changes will affect all Xbox consoles and the Xbox app you’re using on your PC under the same account.

  • There are a few things to consider though:
  • Turning off crossplay through the Xbox Privacy menu will still allow players from the Xbox app to play with you.
  • If you use the Xbox app and turn off cross-play, Xbox One and Xbox Series users can still join your meetings.
  • If you want to allow PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC players (non-Xbox app users) to play with you again, you’ll need to re-enable this option.
  • Some games allow you to completely turn off cross-play between Xbox and PC.

How to toggle crossplay on xbox , Series X, and Series S

  • From the Xbox dashboard, open the Help menu by tapping the Xbox button in the center of your controller.
crossplay on xbox
  • Go to the Settings menu on the right.
  • From here go to Online and Family Safety from the General tab.
crossplay on xbox
  • Choose online privacy and security.
  • Select Xbox Live Privacy.
  • View details and select custom.
crossplay on xbox
  • Select Communication and Multiplayer.
  • Below you can play with people outside of Xbox Live, choose Block or Allow depending on your preference.
crossplay on xbox

Note: To make sure the settings are correct, restart your games after changing the settings.

Selecting Block will prevent your Xbox multiplayer games from connecting to PC and mobile players, but may increase wait times for multiplayer games. Choosing to allow will connect your multiplayer sessions to PC and mobile players, resulting in faster matchmaking. However, if you use a controller or touchscreen device to play, mouse and keyboard players may benefit

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