How to Verify Account on Youtube Studio

How to Verify Account on Youtube Studio

Understanding Youtube Studio Account Verification: You are aware of the significance of having a verified account as a YouTube content creator. You can submit lengthier films and create unique thumbnails on YouTube Studio if you have a verified account, among other extra capabilities. We’ll walk you through the process of verifying your YouTube Studio account in this article.

Here are the steps:

Sign in to YouTube Studio

Click on “Settings”

Click on “Channel”

Look for the “Verify” button

Enter your phone number

Enter the verification code

Congratulations, your account is verified!

Let’s dive into each step in more detail.

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio

Signing into your YouTube account and going to YouTube Studio is the first step in validating your account there. When you arrive, a menu should be shown on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on “Settings”

Click on the “Settings” option in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You’ll be taken to a new screen with several different options.

Step 3: Click on “Channel”

From the settings screen, click on “Channel” in the left-hand menu. You’ll see several different options, including “Branding,” “Advanced settings,” and “Status and features.”

Step 4: Look for the “Verify” button

Scroll down until you see the “Verify” button. It should be located in the “Status and features” section of the Channel tab. If you don’t see the “Verify” button, your account may already be verified.

Step 5: Enter your phone number

Click on the “Verify” button and select “Verify with a phone number.” Enter your phone number, including the country code, in the space provided. Then, click on “Submit.”

Step 6: Enter the verification code

You’ll receive a text message with a verification code. Enter the code in the space provided and click on “Submit.”

Step 7: Congratulations, your account is verified!

Once you’ve entered the verification code, your account should be verified. You’ll see a green checkmark next to your account name, and you’ll be able to access additional features on YouTube Studio.

Tips for Verifying Your Account on YouTube Studio

Now that we’ve gone over the steps to verify your account on YouTube Studio, let’s cover a few tips to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Make sure you’re signed in to the correct account

Before attempting to verify your account, make sure you’re signed in to the correct YouTube account. It’s easy to accidentally sign in to the wrong account, so double-check before proceeding.

Use a phone number that you have access to

When verifying your account, you’ll need to enter a phone number to receive a verification code via text message. Make sure to use a phone number that you have access to and that is currently in service.

Double-check your phone number

Before submitting your phone number, double-check that you’ve entered it correctly, including the country code. A simple mistake can prevent you from receiving the verification code and delay the process.

If you don’t see the “Verify” button, your account may already be verified

If you don’t see the “Verify” button in the Channel tab, your account may already be verified. You can check this by looking for a green checkmark next to your account name.

In case you don’t receive the verification code

You might attempt to request the verification code once more in this situation. Use a voice call the following time if the text code you chose doesn’t work. Three causes underlie all of this, and they are as follows:

• Your number may be in a country or region that does not support messages from Google. In this case, you can either choose a different number or choose the voice call option next time.

• The number you are trying to use may already be in use for 2 channels. In this case, you should try another number.

• Or, the delivery of your message may be delayed due to a densely populated area or poor service of the network you are using. In this case, try to wait 1-2 minutes, if it doesn’t work, switch to a voice call.

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In conclusion, verifying your account on YouTube Studio is a simple process that can give you access to additional features on the platform. By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article and keeping in mind the tips provided, you can easily verify your account and take advantage of these

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