In response to Archana Gautam’s refusal to become Sajid Khan’s maid, Shiv Thackeray raised clothes, saying, “Now you will cry.”

The show’s makers were recently seen taking the fight between Archana and Priyanka up a notch with this promo. First, it was about who would do the dishes on kitchen duty, leaving Captain Sajid Khan to clean things up for his wife and daughter-in-law.

In Bigg Boss 16, the contestants have been fight a lot. The most recent conflict was between Archana Gautam and Shiv Thackeray, who got scrambled together on the show. So when Archana returned to the house, there were many fights – she fought with Priyanka over cooking duty and now with Captain Sajid Khan. There is no surprise that most of the other contestants are getting upset with all these conflicts because, in this situation, fights are bound to happen!

The whole family got together to play a prank on Archana Gautam in the latest promo they released. It’s clear that Sajid Khan, who then became captain of the house, told Archana Gautam that she needed to finish her work. Archana responded by saying she wasn’t here to be a maid. Sajid retorted by making her give up her kitchen duty, which Priyanka Chahar also took the opportunity to insult Archana.

The son of Shiv Thackeray, Babu, is always worried about Archana Gautam and tries to appease her. Shiva also warns Archana that he will make him cry, which only makes him angry and insecure. He throws her belongings out of the house, and she calls a police officer – Rahul Yadav – daily. The family members are in a situation where they have to see how the housemates will react to Archana in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss.

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Though Sajid Khan has recently been made captain of the house, only Shiva and Abdu have been selected as his special people. Singh, Nimrit, and Sumbul are now royal cooks. Therefore, this means that all these contestants will be safe from nomination, and as a result, the remaining contestants will now have to do all the work.

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