Instagram launches new tool to recover hacked accounts

Instagram launches new tool to recover hacked accounts

Popular social media company Instagram has introduced a much-needed tool for hacked users who have lost access to their accounts and have no option to recover them.

The tool reports and resolves account access issues, even if users have forgotten their password or lost their two-factor authentication information.

The account support page promises to recover hacked accounts, report impersonation or recover forgotten passwords.

Although Instagram account hacking has become very common, options for recovering hacked accounts remain limited for users.

A 2018 Motherboard report provided insight into how hackers who hold your accounts hostage pay ransoms. While another report from 2019 shows how some users were forced to pay other hackers to re-hack and recover their accounts.

Instagram announced earlier this year that it was looking into ways for users to recover their accounts and has now released a tool that requires at least two of your friends to verify. The company also said it is trying to figure out other ways to stop hacking altogether.

Meta, the father of Instagram, has ambitiously built a stronger customer service department to help users with account and moderation issues.

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