Invention to decompose a human dead body in 24 hours by using some technical Method

Invention to decompose a human dead body in 24 hours by using some technical Method

In this article we are going to understand.” why scientist start to decomposed a human dead body in just 24 hours? And we will understand how they decomposed human dead body just in 24 hours and what type of chemical used for the process of decomposition of human dead body?

First Of all,I want to clear that the population of human body is increasing in the speed of light. When people die ,then we our body stop working and and start to decomposed after burying on soil. If we talk about religious ideology about after death what we do with the body? ,then we will get two ideas, one is to bury it on soil and the other hand some religions idea is to creymit the body. Both two ideas are not better because if creymit it ,then it will affect our environment and atmosphere,On the other hand if we bury it on soil then they needs specific place which is known as grave and their relative don’t allow us to break the grave because they love their relative who had bury on the grave then we will face difficult to live here because all space will be covered by the alive and dead body .After 50 or 60 year we will face crisis of space in earth then what is solution of it .

Thus, scientist have invented the process of decomposition. The process is like the following step. when we die then scientist will freeze our body by using a chemical which is known is nitrogen. As you all know that our body contain 70% water then they will remove water from our body in evaporation process .After removing water then the only powder type chemical remain in our body which are very less .At last, they throw the powder in soil then they mix with the soil

Finally,we would not be worried about our environment and atmosphere and for space because this the best way of decomposing a body which will make our environment safe and we should accept this process because without technology and science we can’t serve in this modern life.

Written by Tanveer Murad

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