Karachi's traffic police will soon have body cameras

Karachi’s traffic police will soon have body cameras

Seeing the recent increase in the crime rate in Karachi and how unsafe the city environment has become, Sindh has decided to provide body camera technology to the traffic police department as a security measure. According to reports, the department is going to provide a total of 768 body cameras to the Karachi Traffic Police.

Ghulam Nabi Memon, who is the Inspector General of Sindh Police Department, made a statement in this regard at a high-level meeting. According to police spokesperson, Sindh IG Police announced that a training course will be provided for field operations in which the use of these body cameras and its various functions will be taught.

Continuing the news, the Sindh Police announced that the police officers would be keeping an eye on the crimes and violations of traffic rules on the roads through cameras. Constructive action against these violations will also help in taking action on the spot.

In addition to body cameras, the Karachi administration has managed to integrate 20,000 private CCTV cameras into the police system. All police stations in Karachi have also been augmented with electronic tagging capability.

Additional Inspector General (AIG) Javed Akhtar Udo apprised the audience of the good news of running a new e-tagging service in all police stations of the metropolis and adding 20,000 private CCTV cameras. to the police system

He concluded by explaining the future objective of bringing in various smart technology devices for the department in Karachi as these devices are on the rise as a means of tackling most of the street crimes in the city.

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