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[Leak] iPhone 15 and 15 Plus could see a price cut

Apple’s new iPhone 14 series was released in September 2022. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max sold well, but the vanilla and Plus models were not very popular. As a result, Apple may reduce the price of the regular iPhone 15 in next year and the iPhone 15 Plus in response to such cuts.

This information comes from a reputable industry consultant at Naver that suggests that Apple may consider setting a price for the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus. But the price change could end up in Apple’s favor, as the regular and Plus models come with as many upgrades as the Pro models, so customers pay less.

The decline in iPhone 14 Plus sales has “exceeded” Apple’s lowest estimate. Apple is now considering a new strategy for the iPhone 15 to reverse this trend. Apple has been planning to release the phone for several years now. So it’s unlikely that Apple will discontinue the Plus model altogether. However, Apple is seriously considering dropping the price.

The iPhone 13 is very similar to the iPhone 14, and users are now thinking of buying directly from Apple for $200 less than the iPhone 14. More power than the standard model . The iPhone 14 Pro Max costs just $200 more and includes significant improvements in design, display, cameras, performance and more.

The source still does not know how Apple sets the price of the iPhone 1 or iPhone 15 Plus, but if he intends to reduce the price of the iPhone 15 Plus, it should also reduce the price of the regular model.

This is why if the company drops the price to $800 instead of $900, the “Plus” model will cost the same as the standard iPhone 15. The standard model will cost $700, which is the same price as the iPhone 13 mini.

However, since this information only comes from leaks. It is recommended to take this information with you.

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