Malaysia intends to offer training courses in technology

The Delegate of Malaysia also emphasized the commitment of the High Commission to share development experience and expertise by providing various human capacity building programs and technical assistance to Pakistan in the coming years.

He said that MTCP mainly lays emphasis on human resource development through training and capacity building courses including short term courses in Malaysian public and private educational institutions and long term courses in Malaysian public universities.

The envoy continued, Malaysia’s flagship MTCP annually provides over 60 technical training and capacity building programs in a wide range of development sectors in collaboration with local educational institutions and international development partners.

Dedi Faisal said that the Malaysian government intends to encourage greater participation of Pakistani officials in the MTCP in the future, as it would not only be beneficial to bilateral relations, but would also help in the career development of the participants.

He also said that Malaysia attaches great importance to its bilateral relations with Pakistan. Malaysia’s trade relations with Pakistan have been encouraging. Bilateral trade has grown to 36.3% in 2021 and our total trade value is $1.901 billion.

A major part of this trade volume is through exports of palm oil and palm oil based agricultural products, accounting for 51.9% of this total volume. Malaysia has been ranked first out of 135 countries in the Global Islamic Financial Development Index and 81 countries in the Global Islamic Economy Index for the ninth year in a row.

In conclusion, he explained: The long-standing bilateral relations and the close cooperation of the two siblings have covered various areas of trade, investment, education, tourism, culture, defense and technical assistance in the development of human capital.
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