Manchester City

Manchester City recorded revenue of $815 million for the 2021-22 season.

Manchester City broke all sorts of records last year, including the Premier League table and goal-difference. They were also very successful off the pitch.

Sheikh Mansoor’s team had a record year. Revenue increased 8% to £613 million against the 12-month moving average exchange rate, surpassing last year’s record. Manchester City showcased their long-distance superiority over Manchester United, who they beat for the first time in 2020/21. Mansoor repeated the feat when Red Devils finished with $776 million last season. In their annual report, Man City CEO Ferran Soriano said that 2021/22 has been representative of the level of football we have set for ourselves and matching our vision and plans for our property. The net profit for Batman was £41.7 million or £55.5 million, compared with a loss of £2.4 million from 2020/21 and £126 million from last season, which was a result of COVID-19 and ventilator capacity limitations. The revenues for 2021/22 doubled the previous record but last year’s results were critical since 25 out of 26 of home games were played without fans at the Etihad Stadium – all but one game took place away from it after Covid – and broadcast revenue was pushed back to the 2020/21 financial year after 2019/20 was delayed by Covid.

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Gameday revenue was $72 million, down $1 million from a year ago. Commercial income is the club’s main source of income, up 14% to £310m or $412m. The team added 12 new partners including Qualtrics, Emirates Palace, Sony and Masdar. Apart from this, agreements with Nissan, Vic and Unilever have been extended. Yesterday also benefited from the return of concerts at Etihad.Broadcast revenue fell 16% to £249m or $331m.

The drop is a result of 13 fewer home and away games played in all competitions. Champions League wins, another component of broadcasting revenue, also missed out on a place in the final in 2021 as Man City lost in the semi-finals.

Manchester City was worth $4 billion in Sportico’s Premier League valuations last year, third behind United ($4.65 billion) and Liverpool ($4.14 billion). It is the parent company of City Football Group, which consists of 12 clubs worldwide. The club is currently second in the Premier League table, third for the season, two points behind Arsenal.

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