Meta confirms removal of dozens of people for ‘taking over Facebook accounts.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Meta, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, fired or disciplined more than two dozen employees and contractors who were accused of improperly taking over user accounts last year.

According to the WSJ, some fired were contractors who worked as security guards stationed at Meta facilities. According to the documents and people familiar with the matter, the employees went to Facebook’s parent’s office to assist users having trouble with their accounts. The internal system was accessed.,

The mechanism, known internally as ‘oops’ (short for Online Operations), has existed since Facebook’s early years as a means for employees to let users know when They’ve forgotten their password or email or hackers have taken over their accounts.

As part of the alleged abuse of the system, Meta says in some cases; workers accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from outside hackers to gain access to user accounts, the people and documents say. The disciplinary actions are part of a lengthy internal investigation led by META officials.

“People selling fraudulent services are always targeting online platforms, including ours, and are adapting their tactics in response to detection methods,” Meta spokesman Andy Stone told the WSJ.

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