Meta has no plans to monetize in Pakistan at this time.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, does not currently have any plans to monetize content in Pakistan. Fahad Qadeer, Head of Political Communications, Emerging Markets and South Asia, Asia Pacific, confirmed this during a media event on Thursday.

Earlier this year, the Meta business team visited Pakistan where one of the issues discussed was that there are over 60 million users in Pakistan and Meta should take initiatives to help these consumers.

According to sources in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the board said that Meta is looking into the situation and may launch a pilot project. However, the company vehemently denies any plans to make money in Pakistan in the near future.

On Thursday, the company held a briefing for Pakistani journalists to discuss its approach to privacy. Arian Jimenez, director of privacy policy for Asia Pacific at Meta, briefed reporters on the social network’s efforts to protect user privacy and information security on its platforms. Protecting people’s information is critical to achieving Meta’s goal of becoming a privacy-focused communications platform, according to a Meta spokesperson. He stated that privacy is important to how Meta works and that everyone on the social network is responsible for that.

Meta aims to give consumers more control over their privacy settings. As a result, tools have been created to give consumers more transparency and control over how their data is being used.

Meta provides its customers with various tools and features to enable them to take control of their privacy. Options include privacy checks, privacy labels, management actions, contact collection tools, and who can look for me. As well as the Privacy Center. These features provide users with privacy, security, and ad management settings, allowing them to control who can see their posts and how people find them on Facebook.

He also said that the Privacy Center is an educational platform for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger that provides users with detailed privacy information.

Meta tries to help users understand their data practices by providing more information and control over their products and advertising, and by ensuring that targeted advertising and privacy do not conflict.

He noted that Meta Ad Preferences allows consumers to add and change preferences created for them based on their Facebook profile information and activities, as well as websites or applications used outside of Facebook, he noted.

“Why am I seeing this ad?” This is talking about meta-tools. and “Why am I seeing this post?” Allow users to change their choice by clicking on any ad or article in their news feed.

With the help of experts in areas such as data protection and privacy law, security, interface design, development, product management, and public policy, Meta incorporates privacy protection into its products. Its privacy team is committed to using these insights at all levels of product development to keep people’s information safe.

Tools on the Meta platforms such as security checks, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and additional responsibility for “third-party apps” keep data secure, according to Meta officials.

The company is giving people more control and choice over their data and the tools to delete anything they have posted or transfer the data to other services. Meta believes that a free and open Internet allows people to share their information with other applications and services.


However, Meta says it does not sell user information to third parties. Partners and third parties with access to certain data must follow the instructions on how they may and may not use and disclose the information provided by Meta.

They stated that the process of improving Meta’s privacy and security system is ongoing and the company will continue to invest and evolve to provide the best possible user experience.

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