Minister for IT launches interest-free financing to allow Paksitani to buy smartphones

Minister for IT launches interest-free financing to allow Paksitani to buy smartphones

Today in Islamabad, a campaign called “Smartphones for All” launched. They have a goal to provide every Pakistani with a smartphone.

The Federal Minister of IT and Telecom has launched a new interest free installment service for buying smartphones. This makes it more easy and convenient to buy technology.

The initiative just launched in Islamabad today, and it has one goal: to provide smartphones for all. The smartphones for all initiative will now allow low-income individuals to buy smartphones through interest-free payments, so that the Pakistani people of lesser means can engage with technology.

GSMA and Qisstpay collaboratively launched this new initiative.
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Major General (R) Aamir Azeem Bajwa, Asif Jafri of QisstPay and representatives from GSMA, Ufone, Jazz and Telenor were in attendance of the recently conducted launch event.

Mohammad Amin Ul Haque, the Federal Minister for Information and Communication Technology of Bangladesh, said that anyone can buy a smartphone by just paying 20 to 30% of the device’s total cost. He also stated that there is no need for paperwork or guarantees – all you need is an identity card.

The minister went on to discuss how payment would be look in the months following the sale of a phone. He said that phones worth between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 100,000 will be distributed after 3 to 12 months worth of installments through the payments.

Amin Ul Haque also shared how this launch will help increase the e-commerce business by making smartphones more affordable.

“This plan will make sure that people who are interested in getting a new smartphone can do so more easily,” he said.

As per now, there are 70 projects worth 65 billion rupees that are in process to provide connectivity.

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