MIUI 14 Photon Engine Will Be Supported on All Xiaomi Phones

MIUI 14 Photon Engine Will Be Supported on All Xiaomi Phones

MIUI 14 brings a powerful new Photon Engine and support for older phones. With the improved speed and efficiency of the Photon Engine, your user experience will only be better.

Xiaomi recently launched the MIUI 14 interface in China with a streamlined design and new features. One of the major highlights is their new “photon engine,” which will speed up third-party apps. They initially only supported a limited number of devices when the testing phase opened, but now all devices that are running MIUI 14 will support it. Here’s what you need to know.

MIUI 14 Photon Engine Will Be Supported on All Xiaomi Phones

Recently, MIUI has announced that all new phones upgrading to the MIUI 14 operating system will come with support for the company’s own pixel engine and photo processing algorithms. MIUI says this is a complicated process that needs coordination of software and hardware. In order to do it properly, they are rolling out the new version to eligible phones in batches.

This means the third-party apps developers can improve their app’s loading speed. They will also be able to streamline them, something that will make the users’ experience better.

By integrating with the in-app browser, the latest version of SwiftKey claims to have increased app performance by up to 88%. The new feature will also reduce power consumption by up to 16% and has been optimized for all devices running iOS or Android.

The MIUI 14 operating system includes many new features, such as the customizable folders with large icons and widget options, automatic compression of less-used apps to save space, and a toggle to disable permanent notifications. Furthermore, using MIUI Interconnection will accelerate earphone discovery by 50%, mobile TV connectivity by 13%, as well as image transmission during streaming by 77%.

The latest version of MIUI has not been announced for global users yet. We can expect it to debut soon without the following features: 4K video recording, RAW image capture, and touchable manual focus controls. Check back for updates.

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