Musk mentions Twitter going bankrupt as more and more executives quit

Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer Leah Kisner announced in a tweet yesterday that she has decided to leave the newly acquired tech giant and is now looking to pursue a career elsewhere in tech.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, has warned of bankruptcy for the app as many of the company’s top executives leave their jobs. He noted that the company currently generates less than a fifth of its revenue, and that doesn’t include virtual cash sales in Japan.

Elon Musk shared his thoughts on Twitter and is worried about the future of the company. After so many senior employees have left their jobs, you can see why he’s skeptical.

After the first conference call with the Twitter team, Musk said he wasn’t sure if the company would go public.

Bloomberg News says that two weeks after buying Twitter for $44 billion, the company faces a “precarious financial situation.”

Earlier this morning, Elon Musk sent an email to company employees warning them about potential Twitter activity. He said they need to increase subscription revenue or they won’t survive if they can’t make up for the reduced advertising revenue.

One of the people who resigned on Friday is Yoel Roth, an employee who used to work for Twitter. He was responsible for combating hate speech, misinformation and spam on the service. In a statement to TechCrunch, he declined to comment on why he left.

In a recent LinkedIn post by Roth, he identified himself as the “former head of trust and safety” at the company. The tweet profile was on Thursday.

Former chief information security officer Lee Kisner tweeted that he was “proud of the privacy, security and IT teams…and their work” and was embarrassed to have to leave his colleagues behind.

“I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next,” Kim said of his USENIX security reviews.

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