Nintendo (NTDOY) lowers Switch 23 sales outlook to 19 million units

Nintendo had originally forecasted 21 million units of sales for the Switch by March. After their latest update, they are now forecasting 19 million units sold. Nintendo hasn’t offered any reasoning behind this change in its numbers, but there could be several contributing factors. Production may be moving slower with ongoing chip shortages or demand may have been overestimated and is dropping faster than predicted.


Nintendo has just released a new special edition of its Switch 2026 model themed around the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games. The Switch is also continuing to sell very well in base models with the release of Switch OLED in 2021. Outside of these two points, there doesn’t seem to be any new Switch models coming soon. Regardless of why they changed their outlook, it will be interesting to see how the Switch hardware performs. With a new Zelda game on the horizon, this holiday season could provide another boost and give players something new to look forward to! Nintendo’s Q2 2023 earnings report also showed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold over 40 million copies worldwide which makes it the second highest selling Nintendo Switch game yet.

It’s been a strong year for Nintendo so far, but it looks like the company might be tempering its expectations for the rest of the year.

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