No Limit of New Castle in ALM: Papas

No Limit of New Castle in ALM: Papas

With a 1-0 win over Adelaide United, Newcastle coach Arthur Papas says there is plenty more to come from his side.

After Tuesday’s win, the Jets moved up to sixth place, level on 12 points with the fifth-place Reds.

A well-worked goal from Jaushua Sotirio on 25 minutes sealed Newcastle’s victory.

Papas hopes the Jets’ victory will generate some momentum, since only five points separate second place and second-bottom.

“The group can achieve anything,” he said after the match.

Despite this result, I still believe that.

(The win is) positive, but it’s just another game – the league is too competitive.

When you lose one game, you end up in 11th, and when you win one game, you end up in sixth.”

At 7.45pm in Adelaide, the match kicked off in oppressive conditions, with the temperature at a scorching 38C.

Drink breaks were taken every 15 minutes, according to Papas.

Newcastle took control of the match from Adelaide following the first drinks break after the Reds had started stronger.

“We trained (for) the (drinks) breaks because there was a chance that the weather in Adelaide would be like this,” Papas said.

We knew we had to work for 15-minute blocks. We didn’t think about 45 minutes, we thought about 15 minutes.

“One of our strategies was to get the sports scientists onto the players as soon as possible (during breaks).

“We got around them, explained … what we want to achieve from the restart – whether it’s a goal kick, a free kick, a throw-in – and tried to win those moments.”

United’s early dominance was halted by the first break, according to Reds coach Carl Veart.

During the first half, the first drinks break came at a bad time, he said.

As we pushed the game, it gave them a bit of respite.”

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