NUST student creates smart signs that prevent traffic

Mohammad Usman, Chairman of the Capital Development Organization, Captain (Ret.), was surprised by the clever gesture and invited the student to the meeting.
A student at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has developed an efficient smart signal mechanism for traffic deduction. These smart signs make it easy for locals to recognize traffic.

Traffic jams are a major problem, especially in urban cities of Pakistan, where people experience at least half an hour of traffic every day. The constant problem of traffic in this country has made these smart boards a great product.

NUST student has developed an automatic traffic signal system. The functionality of this newly formed system completely revolves around traffic detection/monitoring to avoid prolonged traffic in densely populated areas.

Based on the information provided, these information signals will be controlled by modern systems as well as through the application. This application prevents traffic jams on the roads. The program not only shows green or red signals, but also keeps on fluctuating taking into account traffic blockages.

Ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles will benefit from this newly formed application. Conveniently, the app highlights these emergency vehicles to prioritize them with open lanes.

Retired Captain Mohammad Osman, head of the Capital Development Organization, has also expressed interest in this efficient traffic detection application. In addition, he has also arranged a meeting with the student who made it.

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