Pakistan Deforestation Rates & Statistics

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to a disastrous problem which is very important for humans and animals as well, that devastating problem is deforestation. Deforestation means the cutting of forest trees.

According to the news report, the rate of deforestation in Pakistan is 1.5% which is very alarming. As we all know that trees are very important for all living beings because without trees people have problems or difficulties to live in the world. Will have to face. Animals in the world also live because of trees. If we see in Balochistan, many forests are devoid of trees because people have cut trees for firewood. Accordingly, in July 2019, about 1.22 million trees were burnt by people for forests. It is estimated that in 1947, 31% of the area was covered by timberland, but today Pakistan has 4.6 or 5% of all areas covered by timberland.

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