Officially Restart Soon

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Will Officially Restart Soon

As per reports by our special assistant, it has been reported that there will be approximately 100,000 laptops issued to talented students.

The government will recommence the laptop scheme, it claims. This laptop scheme was devised on the direct orders of the Prime minister and it’s now getting implemented again. The confirmation of this recent news was done by Sunti Fahad-ul-Hassan.

This announcement took place at a press briefing, which was also attended by Federal Minister for information and broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb.

The reports by a special assistant show that approximately 100,000 laptops are being issued to talented students. However, the quota for Balochistan will be doubled.

It is thought that this laptop scheme is run by the prime minister’s youth program.

Along with the laptop scheme, a different opportunity for skills development is also launching. This plan involves IT training for about 100,000 students

We can already tell that this laptop scheme renewal was given heavy attention by Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, who is the chairman of the Higher Education Commission. A clue to this news is given in October of 2018.

In continuation to this, he has also introduced a statement revolving around the introduction of online courses, which will be beneficial for university students. This will be introduced through HEC with collaboration from Microsoft as well as International firms. All of this is going to happen officially.

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