PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update Release Date And Time, Download And New Features

The PUBG Mobile 2.3 update is coming soon, and players can get the release date details and new features here! Plus you can check out the content for the Aftermath map here.

Out of all the patch releases in 2022, this will be the final one: PUBG Mobile 2.3.

The PUBG mobile 2.3 update has been released and features a new time of day, improved variety of weapons, the hit “Bushranger” skin will become available in-game and more.

Tencent and Krafton have released updates for PUBG Mobile consistently. The game officials release a new patch every two months, which is just enough time for the updates to make it to your device.

The first update in January’s 1.8 update was from 2022, and the most recent patch came in September with a 2.2 update.

What time is the PUBG update dropping?

The game’s social media handles have been posting multiple promos of the upcoming 2.3 update. The developers haven’t announced the release date or release time schedule for the new update, but it is expected to release on November 15th or 16th.

In addition, the new update will take around two days to reach 100%

The 1.8 update in January is the first update we’ve seen in over two years, while the last 2.2 patch update came out in September.

Rumors are circling that PUBG Mobile 2.3 will release soon with a new update!

Currently, the game’s social media handles have been advertising the upcoming 2.3 update. The developers haven’t announced when it will come out or what it includes yet, but this new update should go live on November 15 or 16th.

The new update will take about two days to reach 100%.

As for the release time, the developers are likely to release the update between 7am and 7pm. m. and 11 a.m. m. (UTC+0). This is based on previous updates.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update Expected Features
Below are the expected updates for PUBG Mobile 2.3:

football carnival
PUBG Mobile Chicken World Cup
Collaboration with Lionel Messi
The November update preview revealed that PUBGM’s new World Chicken World Cup will be coming along with soccer-related content. This new feature is meant to celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Argentine legend Lionel Messi is also collaborating with the game, which includes a themed mode called Football Mania. The football carnival event and other content will probably be online in the second half of November.

Below is a list of featured soccer-related articles:

Football Themed Mod Maps: Erangel, Nusa, LivikNew
Tactical Item: Golden Copper Shoes
New Pitcher – Soccer
New football-themed vehicle
New theme area – Football Carnival
Soccer fields on the battlefield
Spawn Island with a football theme
Messi gold shoes will be very attractive in running speed and players can hit during the game.

The content of the new post-conclusion map

Update 2.3 also brings optimizations and new additions to the popular PUBG Mobile Aftermath map. The new Aftermath 2.0 map includes the following new features and changes:

  • Armor and firearm upgrades.
  • Introduction of new energies and game mechanics.
  • New optimizations for consumables
  • Addition of new bunkers
  • treasure maps
  • Semi-trailer as a new vehicle
  • Availability of medicine cabinet
  • New guard posts
  • Introduction of recovery towers
  • Store Pickup
  • Addition of new weather effects in Livik to improve the visual experience

The Classic Erangel map will also undergo some adjustments regarding stages and mechanics.

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