Record For World’s Strongest Steady Magnetic Field Broken By China

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences set a new record of 45.22 Tesla (T, standard unit of magnetic flux density) on August 12, 2022, using a hybrid magnet. This feat broke the previous record of 45 Tesla T that was set in 1999 at the US National Magnetic Field Laboratory using a hybrid magnet. The 45.22 T hybrid magnet consists of a resistive insert that is placed inside a superconducting outer ring with a cavity of 32 mm. 1.3 inches).

Hefei scientists first developed a hybrid magnet in 2016 and developed a central magnetic field of 40 Tesla, making it the world’s second magnet to exceed the 40 Tesla limit. The hybrid magnet is one of ten magnets powered by the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CHMFL), where SHMFF is located.

“To achieve a high magnetic field, we have innovated the magnet structure, and developed new materials,” said CHMFL Academic Director Professor Guang Guangli.

Hefei Lab previously set three more records with its resistive magnets. Now, SHMFF has clocked more than 500,000 robotic hours, providing scientists from more than 170 institutions with state-of-the-art facilities to conduct experiments.

High-strength magnetic fields have been created by others, with the 2018 experiment producing a 1,200-ton magnetic field, although it only lasted 40 microseconds before part of the experiment exploded. The researchers also obtained 45.5 tons in 2019, but only briefly.

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