Robotics students at Headstart School won a gold medal at the P@SHA ICT Awards.

Robotics students at Headstart School won a gold medal at the [email protected] ICT Awards.

Headstart students have proven their ability to create amazing things. They won medals in the recent [email protected] ICT Award ceremony, which drew the attention of IT and technology companies, startups, and experts.

Zohaib Arsalan of grade 9 and Muhammad Talha Adeel of grade 6 competed with 900 teams from all over the country in the junior division. Not only did both students win the Pakistan Software Houses Association Award, but they will also be taking part in the next phase of the competition for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards, which is set to take place later this year.

The Headstart School invites students from around the world to be exposed to computer programming and robotics. Saadia Habib, centre manager (robotics) at the Headstart School, Kuri campus had this to say: “It might seem like robotics is a relatively new subject but even in our new market it seems young students are starting to try their hand at building robotic applications.”

According to her, Zohaib Arsalan created the ‘Digital Cloth Maker’ and Muhammad Talha Adeel invented the ‘Math Shooter’.

“All of these points had to be evaluated when we were choosing the winners,” she said. “And our students did extremely well on all fronts!”

The [email protected] annual awards provide students with an international network and the opportunity to interact with IT industry leaders from all over the world.

Saadia said that Headstart was the first educational institution in the country to host a robotics contest with drone modules of FPV and Line of Sight. Plus, there was also an air show.

We, one of the pioneers in project-based learning in the country, have successfully managed a robotics programme since 2003 and participated at the NERC, IEEE GIKI Olympiad, NASCON at FAST NUCES, FLL at SEECS NUST RoboSprint at CASE and PSIFI at LUMS. We’ve also won awards.

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