Saad Rafique has announced to upgrade 5 Railways Stations

Federal Railways Minister Saad Rafik has announced the modernization and repair of five more railway stations located across the country.

According to details, Railway Minister Saad Rafik held a high-level meeting at the Railway Headquarters in Lahore to discuss issues related to the upgradation of the railway station.

Karachi-Kantt, Faisalabad, Quetta, Lahore and Peshawar stations will become commercial hubs, the minister told the meeting.

Earlier, Pakistan Railways decided to involve the private sector to improve service and increase profits, the private sector will build modern toilets at 20 stations.

Minister of Railways and Aviation Khwaja Saad Rafik organized several meetings of Pakistan Railways on 16 August 2022. The meetings chaired by the Minister of Railways decided to collaborate with the private sector to increase profits and improve services.

Railway sources say the private sector will build modern toilets in 20 stations across the country. They added that passenger traffic will be facilitated to improve service quality.

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