Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: What to Expect from the Upcoming Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: What to Expect from the Upcoming Foldable Smartphone

Foldable smartphones have been a hot topic in the tech industry for the past few years, with many companies releasing their own versions of this innovative device. One of the most popular brands in this space is Samsung, with their Samsung  Galaxy Z Fold series being a fan favorite. However, a recent rumor has surfaced regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, and it’s causing quite a stir among tech enthusiasts.

According to ThePixel, the Samsung  Galaxy Z Fold5 is set to be thicker and heavier than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. The website claims that the foldable phone’s prototypes are 6.5mm thick, which is an increase of 0.2mm from the Samsung  Galaxy Z Fold4. Additionally, the weight of the device is said to have increased by 4.5%, which is a significant change. So, what’s causing this increase in thickness and weight?

ThePixel suggests that the increase in thickness is to accommodate an S Pen slot, which would be a first for the Samsung  Galaxy Z Fold series. This would be a significant change for Samsung, as the company has only included an S Pen with its Galaxy Note series in the past. The inclusion of an S Pen slot would bring the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series in line with Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra smartphones, which now ship with an S Pen.

Another reason for the increase in thickness and weight is said to be the camera sensors. ThePixel reports that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will contain ‘extremely large sensors’, indicating that Samsung has made some improvements in this regard. However, the website has not provided any specific camera sensor information yet. It’s possible that Samsung may continue to borrow rear-facing cameras from the Galaxy S series, as it did with the Galaxy Z Fold4, which featured the same rear-facing cameras as the Galaxy S22 Plus.

The inclusion of ‘extremely large sensors’ in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 would bring the device in line with the Galaxy S Ultra smartphones, which have 108 MP and 200 MP primary cameras, respectively. This would be a significant upgrade for the Galaxy Z Fold series and could make it a more competitive option for photography enthusiasts.

In addition to the thickness and weight changes, the Galaxy Z

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