Samsung Pushes Forward With Cutting-Edge AI Chips for Autonomous Vehicles

Samsung Pushes Forward With Cutting-Edge AI Chips for Autonomous Vehicles

Ambarella, a tier-1 automotive supplier developing high-accuracy video encoders, partners with Samsung to provide AI chips for self-driving cars.

Its most recent collaboration with Samsung will broaden the range of products it offers in its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) toolkit.

An advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine and an automotive grade GPU are included in Samsung’s first 5nm chip for Ambarella, the CV3 – AD685.

The new advanced chip supports Level 2+ to Level 4 autonomous driving software, according to the sources.

This new chip is capable of processing 4D imaging radar neural networks, computer vision, deep sensor fusion, and ADAS path planning.

As of yet, the companies have not disclosed which car will be responsible for ADAS technology.

It is likely that the company will receive the first mover status in the entire self-driving vehicle sector if it develops a faster and better technological system.

Additionally, the chip has an automotive-grade GPU (for visualization), a hardware security module, an advanced ISP to process camera inputs, and a dense stereo and optical flow engine.

In contrast, its algorithm-first architecture supports Level 2+ to Level 4 autonomous cars’ entire software stack.

Samsung Foundry’s 5 nm is optimized for automative-grade semiconductors. Not only this, it has tight process controls. However, it offers advanced IP for high reliability and traceability.

Hence, Ambarella depends on Samsung for its 5nm chips as the South Korean form has an excellent experience in automotive foundry processes, chip package development and proprietary technologies.

Last year, Samsung announced it was joining the independent vehicle business. Instead of following Xiaomi’s example, the company will supply chips used by AI that control self-driving systems.

A US-based semiconductor company Ambarella will be the customer. And the two companies are promising to transform the next generation of autonomous vehicles.

Moreover, the company started in 2004 to develop H.264 video encoder for professional broadcast services. Later, it extended its technology into consumer video and transitioned is developing low-power video compression chips.

In the last few years, Ambarella acquired several automotive companies. In 2015 it took over VisLAB, responsible for tech vision and established its own SoC into its solutions to provide ADAS for autonomous vehicles.

Ambarella and Incepto Technology announced a collaboration to provide a solution for an automotive-grade central computing platform last year.

Ambarella produces its CV flow SoCs that simultaneously process around seven 8MP cameras, front ADAS safety feature and surround camera perception.

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