Snapchat Plus Subscribers To Get Four New and Interesting Features Today

Snapchat+ Adds 4 New Features

Premium subscriptions have been around for a long time and many social or non-social platforms use them to earn extra money from their users in exchange for some premium features. Picture-sharing giant Snapchat recently reviewed this revenue model and introduced Snapchat Plus, a subscription that offers its customers some extra features that aren’t available to regular users.

Almost a month and a half after its release, the app has announced four new updates for Snapchat Plus subscribers, now it’s great news for customers. Four new features include post display emoji, prioritized story replies, unique Bitmoji backgrounds, and new app icons. While things like Bitmojis and Story Reply are core features of the app, these new features are certainly great and show that Snapchat is definitely providing great value for money for Plus customers.

Post View Emoji, as the name suggests, is an emoticon that appears immediately after you see a picture posted by a friend, it can be any emoticon you want, right? What’s more cool is priority story replies that promote replies to every story you post, thus increasing the chances of your story being seen by a celebrity or snapchat star, now a quick chat with your favorite creator Who doesn’t love a chance to do it?

In addition to all these features, this new update allows Snapchat Plus customers to better customize their Bitmoji as it includes exclusive Bitmoji backgrounds such as gold and beach backgrounds. Even better, the update gives customers exclusive options to redesign the look of Snapchat icons.

These updates come at the right time, as the photo-sharing app recently expanded its Snapchat Plus feature to over 25 countries. Snapchat doesn’t plan to stop updates for its Plus customers anytime soon, however, a statement from the app said that Plus customers should expect more exciting updates “in the coming months.”

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