Suna Marine: After criticism of the leaked video, Finland’s prime minister gets his own drug test.

Recently, a video of Finland’s Prime Minister Suna Marine was leaked in which she was seen dancing and singing with some famous and well-known personalities of Finland in a private party. It was demanded to resign and to undergo a drug test. It should be remembered that she also holds the honor of being the youngest Prime Minister in the world when she became the Prime Minister, and in addition, she was named the Colest Prime Minister by a magazine last week.

Denying the allegations leveled against her during a news conference on Thursday, she said that she denies the allegations and that she has never used drugs in her life. The drug test was conducted, the report of which will come by next week. She said that she did not do anything against the law and he did the drug test just to satisfy people.

Suna Marine’s party, the Social Democratic Party, is part of Finland’s five-party coalition, and all five parties are led by women.

She said that she did everything that people of her age would do. She said that apart from work, she has a personal life in which she spends time with her friends and family and enjoying her life.

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