tata tele share price: Big Movers D-St: What What should investors do with Tata Tele, Adani Gas BLS International

Indian markets closed higher on Tuesday after falling more than 1 percent in the previous trading session. The S&PSE Sensex Nifty 50 closed at 17700, while the Nifty 50 gained over 1500 points.
Sectorally, buyers were seen in realty, banks, finance, power, utilities and oil and gas stocks.

Stock names like

which gained nearly 20% and closed with gains of more than 6 percentage points. Internationally it climbed nearly 14 percent on Tuesday.

Indian markets remained closed on Wednesday due to Ganesh Chaturthi.

Priyank Upadhyay, VP – Research SSJ Finance & Securities Here are the stocks recommended for investors when the market reopens today.

Tata Tele: Buy
After a high of around Rs 290 in January 2022, the stock correction towards Rs 90 March 2022, bounced back towards Rs 210.

This shows that the stock has strong support. 90 Rs. The volume has increased tremendously with the increase in prices.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) was in oversold territory on Monday suggesting the stock is poised to bounce with readings around 23. Tuesday’s upward move looks like the bounce could continue in the near term.

The stock closed above the 20-day EMA in the daily time frame, which is a positive sign. Prices are also moving downwards. The June highs suggest that we may see an increase in the direction of Rs 130-140 in the short to medium term.

The outlook is positive given the Rs 85 holds for both short-term and long-term on Tata Telesupport, and we can expect a rally towards the Rs 130-140 zone.

Adani Gas: Buy
The stocks have seen a phenomenal rise from a low of 5% to a high of 5% at the beginning of last year. 1550 March 2022 Rs.3750 August 2022.

Currently the prices are trading at or above the 20- and 40-day EMAs of Rs 3361 indicating that the trend on the daily time frame is positive at 3137 4500 zones.

The RSI reached 60 support and then moved higher, indicating momentum is higher. Volume has increased on breakouts over the past two days, which is a good sign.

Hence we recommend investors to buy this stock at around Rs 3600 for a target of Rs 4400/4500. The risk of this approach is below Rs 3200.

BLS International: Buy
These stocks are currently in an uptrend and are making higher lows. The Dow Theory. In April 2022: After eight months of consolidation, the stock finally broke away from Rs 155 and had a spectacular rally of over 100 points. It is currently trading at around Rs.260.

After recently making a high point of around Rs 257 in Mukhlis, July, the stock has corrected towards Rs 220 today and has broken both the downsides. This is a positive sign and we can expect a movement in this direction. 290/300 zones.

The RSI also trades above 60, which indicates that the momentum is strong, and we can expect the rally to continue. The prices are trading above 20 and 40 days EMA of Rs 234 above Rs 227 respectively and hence the trend remains positive in the near term.

On the volume front, Tuesday’s volume was at a six-month high, which is a positive sign.

Thus we recommend that investors buy this stock on a dip of around Rs., for targets around, 245-240 zones are Rs.290/300; The risk of this approach is below Rs 220.

(Disclaimer: Recommendations are the opinions, suggestions, opinions and recommendations of experts. These opinions do not reflect the views of The Economic Times)

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