Tesla FSD beta 10.69.2 will hit 100,000 EVs next week, Elon Musk reveals

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 is the latest version of the company’s self-driving system, and last week Elon Musk promised that two new versions of the system would be coming to a wider release for everyone.  Now, that promise is coming true as the tech CEO claimed online that beta 10.69.2 will be available to more users next week.

According to a recent response from Tesla’s billionaire CEO, the full version of FSD 10.69.2 is coming next week, which will reach the 100,000 users who have already subscribed to the service and are part of the beta testing program.  .  .

     The beta is still in limited release because it won’t go to everyone in the program, but with 100,000 cars using 10.69.2 in the coming week, there are plenty of people testing the system.

Various features including dangerous left turns, freeway and street driving, and detailed demonstrations in traffic zones are included in version 10.69.2, among other promises from Tesla.  FSD aims to deliver many of the features the company has promised for its flagship systems, but it’s still a limited release, not for everyone.

Elon Musk’s promise has come true.

     Last week, Musk said beta 10.69.1 would arrive this week and 10.69.2 would be rolled out by the company sometime next week.  Earlier this week, Musk talked about the arrival of the 10.69.1 update for the current build, and Musk updated the tech CEO’s promise that 10.69.2 would arrive next week.  Get the latest update.

     Tesla FSD beta

     The abundance of Tesla electric vehicles on the market makes it one of the most important automotive companies today, providing the world with clean energy for transportation, which is also a current priority.  Still, most electric vehicles are equipped with autonomous driving systems, and Tesla’s FSD is one of the most popular vehicles in the world.

     The latest version of the system, 10.69, offers advanced features and claims to drive like a human, taking into account the various turns and maneuvers that normally confuse the system.

     New updates are coming to v10.69, and there are two releases, according to Musk, v10.69.1 is coming for a limited release, while 10.69.2 is available for more beta testers.

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