Tesla once again increased the price of all its models up to 6000 dollars

Tesla once again increased the price of all its models up to 6000 dollars

Tesla has again raised the price of all its models up to 6000 dollars. The automaker has raised the prices of its luxury electric vehicles several times this year, including two price hikes in one week in March and smaller hikes on about three models in April. According to Electrek, which tracks the price hikes, Tesla updated its online configuration on Wednesday to reflect the price hike across its entire lineup.

Additionally, archived versions of Tesla’s website via the Wayback Machine, retrieved as recently as April 23, confirm the price difference. As usual, Tesla has not explained the price hike, but given similar hikes by other automakers, it’s safe to say that the recent price increase is due to inflation, supply chain issues and production slowdowns in China.

Global supply restrictions could hinder Tesla’s future production
In April, during Tesla’s first-quarter earnings conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he thought inflation was worse than expected and would likely continue into 2022. He also said that global supply constraints may hurt future production.

All popular Tesla models have new price increases
Here’s a rundown of Tesla’s car surge over this time:

  • Tesla Model X: The long-range dual-engine, all-wheel-drive Model X increased from $114,990 to $120,990. That’s a $6,000 increase for the electric SUV. The $138,990 model X Plaid remains unaffected.
  • Tesla Model S: The long-range all-wheel drive, dual-motor Model S went from $99,990 to $104,990 on Wednesday, an increase of $5,000. Like the Model X, the Plaid will stay the same at $135,990.
  • Tesla Model Y: Both versions of this automaker’s favorite model have been upgraded. The Long Range went from $62,990 to $65,990 and the Performance went from $67,990 to $69,990, an increase of $3,000 and $2,000, respectively.
  • Tesla Model 3: Long Range increased from $54,490 to $57,990, an increase of $2,500.

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