The man behind the iPod launch a new encryption wallet

The man behind the iPod launch a new encryption wallet

Tony Feddale, a famous Silicon Valley Manager known as IPD Father, unveiled its latest project on Tuesday-a hardware wallet was used to store a cryptocurrency offline.

53, 53, spent nearly a decade at Apple under Steve Jobs, where he supervised the portable music player design and later helped to make the company’s famous device.

After leaving Apple in 2008, he launched a brilliant home company. Google later acquired the nest at $ 3.2 billion.

Now Feddale has collaborated with laser, a French technology company, to design a new cryptocurrency wallet offline.

Encryption trading requires the use of complex encryption keys to allow transactions. These keys are usually stored online, for example, by online exchange, making them susceptible to hacking or stealing.

The recent collapse of Crypto Exchange FTX, which has lost more than $ 1 billion customer budget, has made an unprecedented increase in offline or “self-effects” such as laser demand.

The previous models issued by the laser, such as Nano S and Nano S, are formed like USB memory wood. The new Fable Design, Laser Stax, is a credit card-size device with a curved spine and electronic display.

Ian Rogers told Reuters, “All safe hardware before iPods were like all MP3 players, and it was time for iPod.”

Ferndale had previously suspected some of the “Web 3.0” elements, a fishing term that included hosts of the following-oriented decentralized technologies, including cryptography and metaphors.

Laser Stax was sold online for $ 279 in early 2023.

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