There have been repeated reports of mysterious moans coming from American Airlines flight announcements.

An American Airlines flight taking off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport experienced something quite unusual just before takeoff. After the passengers calmed down, the flight announcement began, but he somehow felt possessed.

On the loudspeaker, moans and groans interrupted the announcement. Although the sounds were mostly amusing, they also scared passengers a bit, but the flight attendants said it was simply a technical error.

Passengers thought the sound would go away after the flight announcement, but it lasted for hours, disrupting the entire flight and making it an excruciating experience.

The sounds began over the intercom before takeoff and continued throughout the flight, according to Emerson Collins, a Los Angeles actor on the flight. “They couldn’t stop it, and after landing they still didn’t know what it was.”

The sounds can be clearly heard in Collins’ tweet, which has amassed more than 1.2 million views, 31,000 likes, and around 3,000 shares. In the video shared by Collins, passengers with confused laughing faces can be clearly seen.

Speaking to the media, Collins described the noises as a cross between “explosive diarrhoea, vomiting and a strange, vaguely sexual moan”. In general, the voices were uncomfortable to listen to and ruined the entire flying experience.

According to Collins and others who were on the flight, flight attendants and plane personnel were similarly confused about the sounds and had no clear answer as to where they came from.

Collins, after being irritated by the noise, tried to find out if it was a real passenger making these noises, however, after carefully looking around the plane, he found nothing. After being sure no one on the plane was making these noises, Collins went back to his seat and the noises finally stopped towards the end of the flight.

What is strange is the fact that this was not the first time these noises had been heard on an American Airlines flight, two other recent incidents have been reported and these noises are now making headlines with people calling them “the ghost of American Airlines.

However, others claim that this could be a hack in the American Airlines system, what is causing this, what do you think could be the reason behind these noises? Leave your answer in the comment box below!

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