Blue Tick Subscription

This French Minister Won’t Pay for Twitter’s Blue Tick Subscription

A $44 billion takeover by Tesla CEO Elon Musk six months ago has caused Twitter to rapidly change in just a few days. After the company’s top executives were fired and there was a new round of major layoffs, things you pay for, like Twitter’s checkmark feature, are now only available with a subscription. Along with these new changes, ads have been moved from the sides of timelines to the very top making it difficult to scroll through your feed in one sitting.

According to Reuters, French government spokesman Olivier Veran will not pay Twitter’s monthly fee of $ 599. In fact, he is also worried about Elon Musk’s ambitions as the new owner of the company.


Blue Tick subscription fee for Twitter

 Blue Tick Subscription

Elon Musk’s Twitter previously announced the $7.99 blue fee, and the company recently updated its iOS app with the new subscriptions. Before Musk took over, a blue check next to a username meant that Twitter had confirmed the account belonged to the person or company claiming it.
Apple’s App Store listing notes that Twitter will begin charging for the blue tick, and users who apply for membership will receive ticks next to their usernames, “just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow.”

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French minister will not pay for the blue tick pe Twitter

Olivier Veran invited her on Twitter to „decertify” și anume să ia în considerae ceea ce sunt blue ticks are something users need to start paying for. He wasn’t even sure if he was going to continue folosind sau Twitter pentru achiziționa Musk.
Veran also added that Twitter is an important tool of communication that has over 10 million French users and a government official himself has a verified Twitter account with a blue checkmark next to your name. The former Minister of Health of France has 425,000 followers on his account.

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