TikTok To Follow Google And Open Offices In Pakistan

TikTok To Follow Google And Open Offices In Pakistan

Recently, it was announced that TikTok will be opening an office in Pakistan soon, due to its popularity. The Minister of IT and Telecom declared that “as TikTok has recently gained popularity and is widely used by people of all age groups, this is a very positive step.”

TikTok opened its first office in Pakistan in 2018 and has been engaged with the management team on how to address censorship issues. This continues to be a topic of concern for people in Pakistan, who want to express their creativity and enjoy TikTok without censorship or arbitrary bans. Recent updates from the government regarding blocking certain channels are an indication that public engagement will have a positive impact as it continues to be a topic of consideration by national authorities.

“TikTok revealed plans to establish its office in Pakistan. However, many companies are still reluctant due to a lack of trust and inconsistent policies. In response, the ministry will provide complete support to incoming international businesses.”

The government recently communicated with social media companies to establish offices in the country. Influencers are thrilled by this development, as TikTok enables content creators to earn considerable amounts of money. Despite its soaring fame across the globe, the app has encountered a number of issues and has been banned four times for inappropriate content.

Earlier this week, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered Google as a company in Pakistan. A document issued by SECP to Google over successful registration had stated that Google Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd incorporated in Singapore had established a liaison office in the country under Section 435 of the Companies Act 2017.

Governments are increasingly imposing regulations over what content should be allowed on social media platforms, and Google is the first company to change its policies in accordance with Pakistan’s new social media rules.

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