Tobacco Export Rise 415% In July

Export of tobacco from the country for the first month of the current financial year increased by 415.01 percent compared to the corresponding month of the previous year.
According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), in July 2022, tobacco exports from Pakistan amounted to US$4.872 million compared to US$0.946 million in July 2021, representing an increase of 415.01%.
In terms of quantity, tobacco exports also increased by 228.51 percent as the country exported 1,544 metric tons of tobacco in the reporting month compared to 470 metric tons in the last fiscal year.
Meanwhile, on a monthly basis, tobacco exports were still down 29.33% in July 2022, compared to exports of $6.894 million in June 2022.
It is pertinent to note here that the country’s total merchandise exports decreased by 5.17 percent in July 2022 compared to July 2021 exports. Exports during the month were recorded at $2.219 million, compared with exports of $2.340 million in July last year.
Imports also fell 12.81% to $4,861 million in July 2022, compared to exports of $5,575 million in July 2021.
Based on the numbers, the merchandise trade deficit narrowed by 18.33 percent, falling from $3,235 million last July to $2,642 million in July 2022, according to PBS.

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